Almost LAUGHABLE: Same media that ran with story on Marco Rubio tickets COVERED UP for Obama in 2007

Last week, The New York Times “broke” the story of the rash of moving violations accumulated by Sen. Marco Rubio and his wife since 1997.

Stripping everything down to its essentials, only four of the violations were attributable to the Florida Republican, and there’s nary a hint that he didn’t address each of them in a timely manner.

However, the same New York Times chided conservative media in 2007 for bringing up then-candidate Obama’s 15 parking tickets he’d racked up while a Harvard law student.

These are tickets he never bothered paying until he decided to make a run for the White House. The Times reported:

While the Iraq debate had a prominent place in the blogs today, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and his collegiate parking habits also received attention.

While one conservative site saw some meat to the news, many blogs from each side of the fence felt the need to move on.

HotAir was among those from the right that didn’t see much of a story in the Obama parking tickers, but it nonetheless questioned the timing of the payment.

“Paid in full on January 26th, [2007], 10 days after he announced the formation of his presidential exploratory committee,” HotAir reported.

Obama attained his undergraduate degree at Columbia. The Columbia Journalism Review had this to say on the Obama parking tickers:

This is a story that never should have made it beyond local Boston TV news, if that. It’s the kind of lazy, picayune nonsense that passes as a “character issue,” but really adds nothing to our understanding of a candidate. Yet such stories tend to pile up during a campaign, often at the expense of questions and issues that actually matter. Up next: Did you “experiment” with marijuana as a college student?

But CJR missed the point. In that 17-year span between accumulating the tickets and actually paying for them, Obama was employed by a private law firm, became an Illinois state senator and finally elected to the U.S. Senate.

In short, he had ample means and opportunity to pay the fines before then but chose not to until he, or a member of his campaign staff, thought it could become an issue.

It’s almost as if the then-presidential hopeful thought the law didn’t apply to him.

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H/T: The Daily Caller

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