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Video: Street rivals do battle with Roman candles

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A wild scene unfolded on the streets of Chicago this week as battling factions started using Roman candles as weapons.

A picture of the colorful battle was captured by journalist Lenny Gilmore, who posted the photo on his Tumblr page, with the caption: “Roman candle battle on Western Ave. in Chicago. between 2 rival groups. But also ( as a local resident described ) between friends who all knew eachother. I did the same thing with my friends growing up.”

Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested.

Shootings in the neighborhood are up 53 percent, according to CBS News.

The combatants may have been friends just messing around, or rival gang members, or a mix of both, residents told CBS News. One resident told the network that gangs typically use guns to settle disagreements.

CBS News reported:

Resident Chaquita Lane says such scenes in the neighborhood are routine.

“I’m happy that they do this instead of all the shooting and everything else that takes place,” she told CBS News.

The luckiest thing about this incident is that no one was hurt.

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