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MSNBC reflects on how ‘silly’ it was to kill poor ‘feeble old man’ Osama bin Laden

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Despite Islamic State proving to be the most active terrorist threat since 9/11, MSNBC characterized the risks America faces as “silly.”

The assessment even included the necessity of killing Osama bin Laden.

MSNBC host Alex Wagner wondered aloud Friday whether we are “truly living in a sort of, post-post-9/11 generation.”

“Do you think that society is changing and becoming less fearful, or at least, not as alarmed about terrorism and terrorist activity as it was in the months, days and, I guess, few years after 9/11?” Wagner asked guest Amanda Marcotte.

“Absolutely, without any doubt,” the Slate blogger replied. “I think that, for instance, killing Osama bin Laden and finding out that he was kind of a feeble old man living in a bunker made it seem a little silly.”

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Try telling that to the families of the nearly 3,000 people who died on 9/11, all because of a deadly terror campaign led by bin Laden.

Marcotte went on to say it’s “a little silly that we’ve been afraid for so long.”

It’s not “feeble old men” most Americans fear; it is an administration that does not appear to have the will to confront evil in the world.

Tom Tillison


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