Krauthammer: ‘We’re in for 17 months of a fake strategy’ against ISIS

Nearly three-quarters of Americans don’t think President Obama has a clear strategy to combat the Islamic State, according to a Fox News poll released Friday.

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer agreed, telling Fox News’ “On The Record” host Greta Van Susteren that the administration is “almost willing to admit” it doesn’t know how to defeat the terror group.

“We’re in for 17 months of a fake strategy in which the administration is just hoping that nothing catastrophic happens,” Krauthammer said.

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Van Susteren pointed out that the poll also found that two-thirds of Americans support doing “whatever it takes to defeat ISIS.” Krauthammer, though, said those numbers may not hold up for long.

“That’s always the feeling before the first casualty, that’s always the feeling before any war begins,” Krauthammer said. “Our problem is that we burned the bridges when Obama pulled everybody out. We betrayed the Anbar Sunnis, the ones whom we need to fight ISIS, the ones who defected to the other side when we abandoned them, and unless we win back some of their allegiance so that they would hold the ground that we would win, I think there is no strategy right now other than to support our allies on the ground and to intensify air strikes.”

Carmine Sabia


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