Good Grief, Charlie Brown! ‘Peanuts’ voice actor goes on foul-mouthed rant against judge

With no intentions of ruining cherished childhood memories, we bring news of a bizarre court appearance by the man who once voiced the lovable “Peanuts” character, Charlie Brown.

Peter Robbins, 58, was in a San Diego court on Friday for sentencing on several probation violations when he turned on the judge with a foul-mouthed rant that strayed far from the beloved Charlie Brown we all grew up with, according to The New York Daily News.

“I hope you drop dead of a heart attack!” Robbins screamed. “You stupid f*ck.”

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Robbins also directed his ire at a prosecutor and his own defense attorney, whom Robbins proceeded to fire.

Through it all, the mild-mannered judge simply replied, “Thank you” — after ordering Robbins to undergo a mental competency evaluation.

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Robbins was sentenced to five years of probation in 2013, after pleading guilty to threatening his girlfriend and stalking a doctor who performed breast-enhancement surgery on her, the Daily News reported.

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He was rearrested recently for cutting off his monitoring bracelet, failing to complete domestic violence courses and drinking alcohol.

Robbins continued to perform until the very end of Friday’s appearance.

“He’s rubbing me up, he’s got a gun!” the actor yelled, referring to the deputy escorting him out of the courtroom. “Run for your lives, he’s got a gun, run for your lives!”

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