Black Panthers ran out of EBT money; plan to bomb precinct foiled – hate it when that happens!

Two New Black Panther Party members pleaded guilty Tuesday to plotting a terrorist attack targeting Ferguson, Mo. police, and they’re making headlines for how they planned to finance the attack.

Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Ali Davis were arrested in November, when they tried to buy what they believed were pipe bombs from an undercover federal agent for a planned attack on the Ferguson Police Station – using unemployment benefits, according to

Baldwin admitted the pair intended to use his girlfriend’s unemployment check to pay for at least a portion of the transaction, and intentionally delayed the purchase because they didn’t have the money. Court documents show the two men planned to complete the buy after Baldwin’s girlfriend had received her next unemployment check.

Davis and Baldwin also admitted to previously purchasing a number of guns, which they intended to give to like-minded individuals in an effort to build “an army” of sorts for the attack.

After the men’s arrest, the New Black Panther Party quickly issued a statement saying the group does not support violence.

“We make clear the New Black Panther Party, does not condone and distances itself from all illegal actions or acts of terror aimed at coercing individuals through violent means; for political reasons or otherwise!” the group said the statement.

Party officials also called the charges against Davis and Baldwin “trumped up.” The plea agreement reached Tuesday, though, show the two had planned to target high-profile city officials, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Sentencing for the welfare terrorist wannabes is scheduled for August.

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Michael Schaus


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