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Video: New Yorkers stop mugger with controversial chokehold, make him return money

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A mugger was apprehended by several good Samaritans in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, and it was all captured on video.

Yes, good Samaritans in New York City.

Theodore Shearin, 37, allegedly snatched a backpack from an unidentified woman on 35th Street and 8th Avenue, according to Gothamist.com.

The woman refused to relinquish her bag and a group of passersby descended upon Shearin as he dragged her across the street.

Ironically, Shearin, who is black, was held by another black man in a chokehold similar to the one applied to an overweight Eric Garner by a New York Police Department officer in July 2014 — Garner died a short time later.

The video was recorded by J Bryant of Coed.com.

“While leaving work today, I had the great fortune of witnessing firsthand why New Yorkers are so f*cking awesome,” Bryant wrote. “Without a second thought, 10 to 12 citizens tackled this huge thug and took him to the ground.

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“Just as many came to the aid of the victim and helped gather her belonging that were spread all across street in rush hour traffic. It wasn’t a black thing or a white thing, it was just good people doing the right thing.”

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