See why police remove two guys with ‘we can’t breathe’ banner from town hall

Two fools made spectacles of themselves Thursday when they brought an “I can’t breathe” banner to an anti-violence town hall meeting in Ohio.

Fox 19 reporter Ken Katko was at the event, covering Cincinnati police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell’s attempt to engage the community for ideas to reduce the city’s growing violence.

Before a packed house at New Prospect Baptist Church in Roselawn, two men attempted to hang the banner behind the speaker’s podium while Blackwell was speaking.

One Twitter user’s response echoed what many at the meeting were thinking.

Katko captured video of the moment when the men were escorted from the building.

Some people never learned how to be polite while exercising their free speech rights.

Chief Blackwell committed to have more officers patrolling the streets—could this explain why the men opposed public support?

Those men may not be too enthusiastic for more police presence.

Steve Berman


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