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Pelosi calls General Petraeus a liar, blames him for losing to ISIS

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California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi may have made President Obama proud in her latest attempt to deflect accountability for the foreign policy failure in the Middle East.

Some truthful words from retired General David Petraeus during an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS Evening News Wednesday, was all it took for Pelosi to sharpen her blame-game skills.

When Pelosi was asked by a reporter at the House Democrat Leadership Press Conference on Thursday, about Petraeus’ admission that the U.S. is “probably losing” the war against ISIS, she bobbed and weaved both physically and linguistically.

“Well General Petraeus had the responsibility to train the troops in Iraq,” Pelosi began.

“I remember going over there on any number of occasions and hearing from him that he had trained 175,000 Iraqi troops and personnel so that they can take over their own effort. I would ask him about that. I think the number was far smaller than was represented to us.”

Did she just call Petraeus a liar because she doesn’t “think” the number of trained troops he told her was accurate?

That response must be acceptable to the majority living in Pelosi’s San Francisco district who unbelievably and perpetually allow her to retain her job.

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