NY Times’ pathetic attempt to smear Rubio has Americans laughing out loud, cranking Sammy Hagar!

The New York Times reported a bombshell Friday that 2016 Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio has had four traffic citations.

That is, four citations over an 18 year period.

And it’s understandable why The Times cannot delve into allegations that likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took bribes to sell American uranium to Russia when you learn that two reporters and an additional researcher were dedicated to Rubio’s driving habits.

Phil Kerpen, a free-market policy analyst for American Commitment, shared that tidbit of information on Twitter.

As it turns out, the newspaper reported that Rubio and his wife, Jeanette, had a total of 17 citations — meaning 13 belonged to Mrs. Rubio, who is not a candidate for office.

As embarrassing as the story already is for “The Gray Lady,” it gets worse.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Democrat operatives appear to be feeding opposition research to The Times.

The Rubio citations were pulled by liberal opposition research firm American Bridge on May 26, 2015, according to the Free Beacon.

It’s still early in the 2016 presidential election campaign, but the fervor by The Times to discredit one of the GOP frontrunners who polls best against Clinton should be a warning of what lays in store.

Social media users had a field day when The Times “bombshell” hit the Internet, including one who had this message for Rubio: “Free advice to Rubio campaign: reach out to Sammy Hagar, pronto.”

The tip being a clear reference to Hager’s smash hit, “I Can’t Drive 55.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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