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Lib clowns call Luttrell brothers ‘sweaty bearded . . . Russian mafia’; patriots not amused!

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Former President Carter’s grandson, James Carter IV, and liberal blogger Ana Marie Cox live in a very different America than Rick Perry–they both failed to identify the Luttrell brothers who joined him on the platform, and they had no idea why those men were there.

When former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced his run for the White House Thursday, he had two very special friends join him on the platform: retired Navy SEALs Marcus and Morgan Luttrell. Marcus is the author and subject of the book and hit movie “Lone Survivor.”

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Luttrell’s and Perry’s relationship is both deep and personal, yet liberal flunkies chose to mock that relationship, and Luttrell’s service to our country, with unflattering and ignorant tweets.

Carter, a Democrat who lost the 2014 gubernatorial race in Georgia in a landslide to Gov. Nathan Deal, tried his best to recover when he was called out for his disrespectful remark.

Twitter users hardly believed that.

Cox didn’t bother trying to justify her comments, doubling down on her shameful tweet by calling the Luttrells “sweaty bearded men.”

The train of ignorance continued when her followers chimed in, to be immediately corrected by those who knew the truth.

Cox tried to play it off, saying she knew about the “Lone Survivor” movie, but simply didn’t recognize Luttrell.

Then she compared the men to Jesus.

We might expect more from Carter, given his lineage, but Cox is a dyed-in-the-wool leftist. Neither of these two clowns was funny, but the saddest part is they didn’t realize just how unfunny they were.

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