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Former NYC four-star chef’s food truck is winning over Cleveland – My America

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The American dream is still alive and well on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio.

Classically trained chef, Todd Berry, and his story of success were featured on Fox News’ “My America,” Friday.

Berry’s professional experience includes a chef’s dream-job of cooking in some of New York City’s four-star restaurants. But life changed for Berry when family obligations moved him to Cleveland where he took a job managing a chain restaurant.

“It just wasn’t me, I just wasn’t happy, you know,” he said.

Berry’s expertise as a premiere chef left him feeling unfulfilled, but instead of surrendering to a position in life he knew he wasn’t destined for, he pushed through it.

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“Let’s start a food truck!” Berry recalled telling his girlfriend one day when he said he couldn’t stand looking at the four walls of his office anymore.

Like most success stories, Berry’s is filled with hard work and determination, but his efforts have paid off in many ways.

Berry is carrying on a long family tradition.

“My grandfather opened a restaurant, in 1945,” he said, adding that Berry’s Restaurant is still a poplar gathering spot for locals.

Berry’s KRAV Food Truck service has become a local favorite as well, and business is growing.

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“It’s the little guy winning,” said customer Duane Anderson.

Another loyal customer, Mike Bhagmath, gives KRAV Food Truck rave reviews. “No one’s got a menu like this,” he said.

Despite the long days, Berry said the best part of his job is seeing people’s delighted faces when he serves them meals.

“Some days I’m sore, I feel like I played a football game,” he said.

“But it’s mine. I created something and that’s what drives me.”


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