Donald Trump goes for jugular after being insulted by ‘dummy’ Charles Krauthammer

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump thrives on conflict, and supposed allies within his own Republican party often become the targets of his wrath – especially if they cross him.

Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor, Charles Krauthammer, entered dangerous territory when he cited a Fox News Poll that put Trump at the top of a list of potential presidential candidates people would never vote for.

fox poll

Krauthammer told show host, Bret Baier, that Trump’s top standing in the unflattering poll was both “deserved” and “impressive.”

“Trump is going to say how sad it is that I’m saying these things,” Krauthammer said, foreseeing what was coming his way.

“But, you know, this is an open forum and we have free speech.

“He has a well-deserved and, I would say, an impressive 59 percent.”

Trump didn’t take kindly to the backhanded compliment. But it didn’t make him “sad” as Krauthammer predicted, it made him mad.

In the late night hours, the billionaire took to Twitter to enact retaliation against “dummy” Krauthammer. And political insomniacs were treated to a special kind of social media show:

Trump just couldn’t let it go:

And then there’s this priceless tweet:

Plenty of tweeters who very well could have voted in the Fox poll Trump was so angry about responded to his posts:

He sure did. Well, pretty close anyway.

Almost makes me wish I were up. Almost.


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