Actor John Cusack claims ‘manipulative bulls**t’: Obama ‘as bad or worse than Bush’

John Cusack is fighting mad over his words being “taken out of context.”

The Daily Beast headlined an interview with the actor “John Cusack Talks ‘Love & Mercy,’ Drug Trips, and the Ways Obama Is ‘Worse Than Bush’” but then tweeted “@JohnCusack: Obama is ‘Worse Than Bush’” which set the star off.

Cusack blasted the headline from The Daily Beast as “manipulative bullshit,” but it’s unclear exactly what his complaint is.

“Shame on u – whomever is doing headlines & editing the interview for taking a long conversation abt Brian Wilson and turning it into salacious gossipy eye catching out of context headline grabbing manipulative bullshit – I spoke,” he tweeted.

The exact exchange from the Beast reads as follows:

I’m not sure if you heard the news today, but CNN conducted a poll concluding that George W. Bush’s approval rating is now higher than President Obama’s.

Well, Obama has certainly extended and hardened the cement on a lot of Bush’s post-9/11 Terror, Inc. policies, so he’s very similar to Bush in every way that way. His domestic policy is a bit different, but when you talk about drones, the American Empire, the NSA, civil liberties, attacks on journalism and whistleblowers, he’s as bad or worse than Bush. He hasn’t started as many wars, but he’s extended the ones we had, and I don’t even think Dick Cheney or Richard Nixon would say the president has the right to unilaterally decide whom he can kill around the world. On Tuesdays, the president can just decide whom he wants to kill, and you know, since 9/11 there are magic words like “terror,” and if you use magic words, you can justify any power grab you want.

It’s unclear if Cusack is claiming he was misquoted, or just doesn’t like the quote the Beast chose for the headline.

He continued his tirade on Twitter, directly tweeting the Daily Beast “your headline is pretty absurd and stupid – if you want to talk politics do it seriously.”

Other Twitter users jumped in to offer their opinions.

Carmine Sabia


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