‘YOUR TAX $$ AT WORK’: Univ. of Calif. office caters ONLY to illegal aliens

They’re breaking the law, but American taxpayers are the ones paying for it. And one California university is giving them even more help.

Illegal immigrants attending University of California, San Diego, now have an “Undocumented Student Services Center” to help them obtain taxpayer-funded financial aid and other benefits.

The center, which officially opened on May 28, is complete with a paid staff coordinator and is part of UC’s larger efforts to help students who are in the country illegally take advantage of public assistance programs.

UC President Janet Napolitano — the former secretary of Homeland Security — has made it clear that she would like to see the university’s initiatives spread throughout the country.

“Going forward, my aim is for UC to develop and maintain gold-standard services for undocumented students so they may be replicated in other universities,” Napolitano said, according to the University of California’s website.

According to the College Fix, the center will stay busy by providing private consultations with students to help them take advantage of housing, financial, and legal assistance.

Taking advantage of taxpayer-funded programs won’t be its only focus. The center will also host workshops and programs to help students cope with the stresses of college life.

One program listed on the website as a workshop on “zen” will focus on exploring “a variety of relaxation techniques” ahead of big tests.

“We’re committed to providing world-class learning opportunities for students inside and outside of the classroom, regardless of your immigration status or the status of your family,” the center’s website states.

The center was proud to celebrate its grand opening by letting the world know on twitter. Some students were even counting down the minutes until the ribbon was cut.

Despite the fanfare with which the center opened, not all everyone was thrilled about the idea of spending tuition and tax dollars to help illegal immigrants obtain more taxpayer-funded services.

Under Napolitano ‘s leadership, the University of California is working overtime to make sure it gives illegal immigrants the best education American taxpayers can afford.

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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


4 thoughts on “‘YOUR TAX $$ AT WORK’: Univ. of Calif. office caters ONLY to illegal aliens

  1. Rip Rogers says:

    Kalifornia spends about 13 BILLION of taxpayer money per yer to keep ILLEGAL SPAWN and Texas is over 9 BILLION dollars a year for ILLEGAL ALIEN maintenance as well.
    IF ANYONE WANTS “INFRASTRUCTURE” MONEY TO RETURN, send the illegal aliens home.

  2. Kenneth Clark says:

    I would like to think there are enough good folk in California to demand this stop immediately and the Top administration of UC find themselves legally unemployed.

    1. Marilyn Taylor says:

      Dream on,

  3. Doug says:

    This idea actually started at UCal Bakersfield.

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