Reverse racism!! City removing bus ads, because they’re racial slurs BACKWARDS

Reverse racism is real.

Port Authority officials in the Pittsburg area said they will be taking promotional slogans off buses after it was determined that they closely resembled racial slurs when read backwards.

A complaint to the Port Authority prompted the move, after a driver saw a promotional decal with the words “Ziggin’ Zaggin’” in their car mirror, and noticed the reflection’s similarity to an offensive racial term.

“Port Authority certainly did not intend for this message to offend anyone,” Port Authority spokesman Jim Ritchie said, according to TribLive.

The slogans have been in use for years, but have only recently been seen in this new light. While nine buses sport the questionable slogan, many others are decorated with words like “Rockin’ Rollin’,” “Movin’ Groovin’,” and “Movin’ Shakin’,” as a city-wide promotion started in 2003.

None of the other slogans, however, have offended anyone when read in a rearview mirror.

Ritchie said that if an outline of the words remain after pulling off the decals, the agency would find another way to cover the potentially offensive phrase.

It is unclear how much time the agency will take to reflect on their mistake.

Michael Schaus


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