Petition wants to yank Jenner’s Olympic gold; was ‘HE’ playing fair?

Bruce Jenner’s bizarre public transformation into someone named “Caitlyn” is raising all kinds of concerns – and one Texas woman is stirring up an Olympic sized controversy with one pointed question:

Did Jenner break Olympic rules by competing as a man, if “she” always knew “she” was a woman?

A natural-born woman named Jennifer Bradford seems to think so, and filed a petition with to have decathlon winner Jenner’s gold medal revoked. Her petition to the International Olympic Committee reads in part:

We congratulate Ms. Jenner on these new developments and wish her the best. However, this creates somewhat of a problem as Ms. Jenner (as talented as she is) claims that she has always believed herself to be truly female, and therefore, was in violation of committee rules regarding women competing in men’s sports and vice versa.

While Bradford says she seeks to gather 10,000 signatures with a “heavy heart,” what’s fair is fair. If Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner are indeed the same person, well then, a woman was competing in a man’s event.

It is only fair to all involved that women receive their credit as champions of the Decathalon and that the men racing Ms. Jenner are not expected to compete with a superior, streamlined being such as herself.

We urge Ms. Jenner to support the transgender community by giving up the medals earned by competing against the wrong gender.

Thank you, and congratulations to Ms. Jenner for her courage!

Much to the chagrin of most media outlets and enlightened twenty-something’s, Bradford’s petition is nearly at her goal of 10,000 signatures after only two days.

Critics of the petition point out that Jenner was not taking any kind of hormone therapy (that we know of) at the time of the 1976 Olympics and say the petition is mean-spirited.

Social media users sounded off with the #GiveBackTheGold hashtag Bradford started.

Folks really do get worked up over these things don’t they?


Former East German shot putter Andreas Krieger, who competed as a woman (Heidi Krieger) says he was “thrown out of his gender” after being fed hormones. Photo source: New York Daily News.

Even still, Bradford made some solid points, and there seems to be a sizable number of people who agree with her and want to explore yanking the gold.

It should be mentioned that gender struggles are not new to the Olympic arena. Several “sensitive” rules regarding gender have been newly established for those who “walk the line” between male and female.

And of course, there was the famous case where the East German’s gave their unknowing female shot put team hormones to make them more masculine.

Judging from the pictures – it worked. But that’s communism for ya.





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Nicole Haas

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62 thoughts on “Petition wants to yank Jenner’s Olympic gold; was ‘HE’ playing fair?

  1. ron2win2 says:

    The progressives has already changed all the he’s to she’s in wikipedia,back to the time he was in the olympics. So they are writing she won the decathlon !

    1. MoonLightMuse8 says:

      Just because the left is insane, doesn’t mean we have to be.

    2. Elessar says:

      That’s the problem with wikipedia and why you can’t use it as a proper reference, it can be changed too easily!

  2. John Campbell says:

    Simmer down folks. This isn’t fair. It’s a mental disorder and to be pitied, not persecuted. Would you poke fun at the kids who ride the short bus?

    1. tedlv says:

      Good comment, sir. Thank you.

  3. RealityBites says:

    Equestrian is the only equal sport out there it seems. Or is this woman just mad that the guys got beat by a girl?

  4. Ron Coon says:

    Bruce Jenner is no longer a “he”; nor is “he” a “she”; but an “it”. “IT” should be stripped of all of “HIS” Olympic Gold Medals. Just like the Black olympians were stripped of theirs in 1968 when during the playing of our National Anthem they gave homage to “Black Power”.…/File:1968_Olympics_Black…

    1. Doug says:

      Perfect logic.

      1. Ron Coon says:

        Fair is Fair. You disgrace the nation, then you do not deserve to have grace bestowed upon you by the nation.

        1. RealityBites says:

          Or is someone upset that a bunch of guys got beat by a girl, if those were the feelings he was having at the time.

          1. Ron Coon says:

            Huh? And your point is?

          2. RealityBites says:

            Girls can do any sport a guy can do, often better.

          3. Ron Coon says:

            There is some truth in that, but only on the smaller, much smaller, scale. I will give it to the ladies with their ability to use both hemispheres of their brains, sometimes at the same time. But as a whole they do not nor will they every have the prowess of a man.

            I will regress to my previous, Huh?

            What does this have to do with any of my initial statement about Bruce Jenner?

          4. RealityBites says:

            Who cares? That’s what it has to do with it. Even if he was a woman at the time he still kicked everyone’s butt fair and square

          5. rocky63 says:

            “often better” is baloney. “sometimes” better would be more accurate.

            And it depends on the sport. Very few girls would do better than boys in football or boxing or wrestling or weightlifting, or running sports or on and on.

            Even in professional tennis or golf, women would lose more than they win if playing against men.

            Girls might beat boys in rope jumping, certain gymnastic events, hopscotch and a few others. But that’s it.

          6. RealityBites says:


          7. rocky63 says:

            It’s enlightening to see how cleverly you present your view. “Wrong”. PERIOD. I guess that’s what you have to resort to when you can’t say anything sensible or intelligent.

          8. RealityBites says:

            You are wrong. Cope with it

          9. rocky63 says:

            I’ll tell you what — I’ll match what you seem to think is intelligent.

            You’re Wrong.

            There. No explanation, no need to point out where the other guy is wrong — you just say “wrong” and feel good about your ignorance.

          10. RealityBites says:

            You are wrong about me again. Don’t worry you’re not the first

  5. Doug says:

    Texas, the home of Lance Armstrong, strives for purity in athletics.

  6. tedlv says:

    One word: Absurd. Someone wants attention.

  7. tedlv says:

    So, Jenner is by virtue of the fact that he can’t reproduce, no longer a functioning male, and is not a functioning female from the same reason, does that make it a he-it, or a she-it?`

  8. rocky63 says:

    I don’t believe he “always” thought he was female. I believe that’s just something he says now to justify his mentally disturbed actions. If he was a woman at the time of the Olympics he ought to VOLUNTEER to give back the medals.

    1. RealityBites says:

      Or whoever is wanting him or her (whoever they were at the time) should just stop getting upset at something that most people forgot about anyway.

      1. rocky63 says:

        I won’t forget about watching fool liberals become willing to accept any crazy thing as OK while they totally abandon any moral standard. I won’t forget that we’ve murdered over 50 million babies since Roe vs Wade, that we allow two men or two women to call their living arrangement a “marriage”; that we allow adopted children to be raised in “families” that consist of two people of the same gender; that so many in our country actually applaud and cheer when a fool who’s been a male all his life now wants to be a female. I won’t forget that the left won’t even consider that this could be a mental problem. I won’t forget that my granddaughters will likely be required to share bathrooms with boys because some wacko liberals think there is no real gender difference; I won’t forget that wacko liberals are trying to get states to issue birth certificates without even stating the gender of the baby. I won’t forget as the left does all it can to turn this nation into a sick, morally depraved people.

        1. RealityBites says:

          Then move if you hate the land of the free so much.

          1. rocky63 says:

            I guess you define “free” as unlimited abortions for any reason, including convenience; anybody can marry anybody; if a boy says he feel like a girl then he can use the girl’s locker room; criticizing Muslims is wrong but you can say anything you want about a Christian; have the taxes of working people be given to non-working people to do whatever they want with the money; limit free speech so the government can’t be criticized; allow police departments to take money from business owners who have not been charged with any crime; and on and on.

            That may be YOUR version of the land of the free. To me it’s the tyranny of the left who have totally abandoned moral behavior.

          2. RealityBites says:

            Then leave. You don’t have to like freedom.

          3. rocky63 says:

            You jerk. I love freedom. I hate a socialist government which wishes to control the activities of its citizens more and more. If you think THAT’s freedom, well good luck to you.

          4. RealityBites says:

            Then stop wanting to make it harder for women to exercose their right to choose. Stop worrying about who marries who and recognize that there are all different kinds of families in this country. Also read a psychology book or two. Hormones determine gender

          5. rocky63 says:

            I support a woman’s right to choose — to choose whether or not to do that which makes her pregnant. She can choose not to get pregnant. But choosing to kill the child she’s already conceived is savage.

            You’ve completely swallowed the agenda of the LGBT crowd haven’t you? There are all different kinds of families in this country — that may be true, gut that’s only true because of people like you. For thousands of years the human race was smart enough to know a family worked best when a married man and woman raised their children

            Psychology does not deal with hormones, fool. Prominent psychologists (visit Johns Hopkins) consider Bruce Jenner’s actions a mental disorder. Hormones are a physical, not a psychological product. Hormones may make a male with male genitalia an effeminate male — but they don’t make him a female.

          6. RealityBites says:

            In other words you support a woman’s right to choose as long as she makes the decision you want. Typical. Also cope with reality since you apparently love that it is slapping you silly. YES same sex families exist, YES they are a family, and there is nothing you can whine about to change it. Also if those shrinks at Johns Hopkins really don’t understand how hormones work, they need to go back to school themselves

          7. rocky63 says:

            You are clearly unable to understand what you read. I support a woman’s right to choose whether to engage in the act which causes pregnancy. Once there is a baby involved we’re talking about human life. I recognize the right to commit abortion of the woman’s life is endangered by the pregnancy. If the pregnancy is the result of rape, her situation is tragic and the decision must be between her, her family and her doctor.

            But if she’s getting an abortion because being pregnant will make it difficult for her to take that long-planned trip to Paris, then I can’t support her ending the existence of the baby. It’s “abortion for convenience” and “abortion for any reason whatever” as espoused by women’s groups that I find criminal and sinful. It’s murder. Period.

          8. RealityBites says:

            In your opinion, thankfully not the law of the land.

  9. tonilaura says:

    “Oh, what fools these mortals be!” Puck, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, William Shakespeare, said it best.

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