Pamela Geller SNAPS at shameful CNN question: ‘This is INCREDIBLE to me!’

CNN is sounding more like MSNBC every day.

In an unmistakably biased interview Wednesday, CNN host Erin Burnett straight-out asked Pamela Geller, organizer of the Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas, if she “relished” being the target of terrorist attacks.

“Nothing justifies a beheading or a beheading plot,” Burnett allowed, generously.

“But it’s important to note this. I mean, are you stoking the flames? Do you on some level relish being the target of these attacks?”

The interview was in response to recent investigative findings that Geller was the initial target for a beheading attack. The terror plan later targeted police officers, according to reports, but was dramatically thwarted by Boston police on Tuesday, resulting in the death of one terror suspect.

Gellar, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, has taken an enormous amount of criticism for organizing the Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest, but Burnett’s suggestion went over the line.

“Relish being the target?” Geller shot back. “Who self-promotes to get killed?”

Geller asked Burnett if she was serious for citing the Southern Poverty Law Center – a radical left wing group that sets its sights on patriotic individuals and groups – as a basis for her argument.

Geller asked why Burnett referenced allegations made by the “uber-left wing, communist” SPLC to “smear and slime” her.

“I’m the hunted one. I’m the hunted one,” Geller insisted.

“This is incredible to me!”

It was incredible to a lot of people:

By then it will be too late. Like sheep being led…


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