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Horrific video gets justice for stabbed teen – and HEROES who saved her

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Justice may finally come for a teenage girl who was brutally attacked along with several witnesses who tried to save her from a madman in March 2013.

The horrific incident was caught on video surveillance and shows knife wielding Leon Walls, 44, taking unsuspecting Allison Meadows, 16, hostage in a Pennsylvania Target store before bystanders intervened.

Shortly after the girl was grabbed, a brave man leapt over the counter on top of Walls’ back, but it only provoked the maniac.

At that point, Walls began repeatedly stabbing the girl, but luckily brave witnesses remained undeterred and eventually subdued him until police arrived. Several customers obtained knife wounds as they tried to protect Meadows.

“It was so sad,” Mike Turner, a man who helped take down Walls told WTAE-TV. “To see him stabbing her and the other guys that got stabbed. It was sad to see.”

On Thursday, an Alleghany County jury found Walls guilty on counts of attempted homicide, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person, WTAE reported.

While the guilty verdict may offer some consolation, Walls was also found to be “mentally ill” and sentencing will be coming at a later date.

“It was the most gut-wrenching thing I’ve ever had to watch,” Allison’s father, Glen Meadows, said of the video.

As hard as the video is to watch, the selfless acts of heroism from complete strangers is even more inspiring.

Meadows eventually recovered from her back and arm wounds, but it likely would have been much worse if fellow customers didn’t act quickly.

The teen definitely had guardian angels nearby that day. Thankfully the surveillance video was in place to prove it.


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