Florida Five: Desperate Dems make DWS a raffle prize, House-Senate healthcare fight hits Twitter

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Dems so desperate they make Debbie Wasserman Schultz a raffle prize; response is hilarious – Democrats in Florida, the third largest state in the country, and the hands-down largest state that’s a true battleground in presidential politics, are in a blue funk. As Nancy Smith at Sunshine State News observed, the Florida Democratic Party is having a real problem filling seats at the annual $250 a plate Leadership Blue Gala scheduled for June 13 at the Diplomat in Hollywood. Read more

House-Senate healthcare fight nastily playing out on the Twitters – The intense intra-cameral friction that defined the 2015 legislative session seems not to have dissipated after a few weeks off but rather compounded, culminating in the most antagonistic legislative hearing of the year at Tuesday’s meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee. There, budget chief Tom Lee led a chorus of indignant senators who excoriated AHCA deputy director Justin Senior for allegedly evading Senate staff and showing favor to the House’s position on the revamped FHIX 2.0 healthcare expansion plan later approved by the committee. Read more

Senate passes ‘don’t call it Medicaid expansion’ plan – The state Senate approved its plan for extending health insurance to more than a half-million working poor Floridians on Wednesday with a series of changes designed to allay House objections to anything remotely resembling President Obama’s national health care system. House acceptance of the proposal remains highly unlikely in the three-week special legislative session. Read more

Scott shines in economic summit with presidential hopefuls –  Florida’s presidential primary is more than nine months away, but there’s already one winner in the contest: Gov. Rick Scott. No, he’s not jumping in the race, but the governor who is still trying to boost his approval ratings in his home state had a big day Tuesday sharing the stage with the GOP’s top tier of presidential candidates and likely candidates at a summit he organized through his Let’s Get to Work political committee. As the national media watched, candidate after candidate praised Scott for the work he’s done as Florida’s economy recovers from the Great Recession. Read more

Alan Grayson: ‘Still probably going to run’ for Senate – “Still probably going to run,” Alan Grayson tells us about the U.S. Senate seat Marco Rubio is vacating. Patrick Murphy, a fellow congressman who has already entered the race, has been working to solidify support from the Democratic establishment. Today he rolled out the endorsement of U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey. But Grayson remains convinced there is a path for a strong liberal. Read more

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