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‘Campus carry’ bill restoring 2nd Amendment rights to Texas students

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Pro-gun Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is proving he’s a straight shooter once again, vowing to sign the “campus carry” bill passed by his state’s lawmakers to make it easier for college and university students to defend themselves.

Senate Bill 11 passed in the Texas House of Representatives with overwhelming support, though some opposed it as not going far enough because it will not extend campus carry rights to students of private universities.

“I am duty-bound to protect Second Amendment rights parallel to private property rights,” Republican Sen. Brian Birdwell said during negotiations between the two chambers according to the Washington Post. “We must protect most private property rights equally, and not protect one or the other.”

Private universities will be able to craft their own restrictions concerning concealed carry, but public universities will be “limited” according to Birdwell.

Universities will maintain the right to carve out specific “gun free” zones on campus, although there is language prohibiting them from banning weapons in entire buildings or dormitories.

When Gov. Abbot signs the bill, Second Amendment rights will be partially restored for college students in Texas.

It’s the remaining “gun free” zones that will be the problem.

Michael Schaus


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