‘America’s a great place for second chances!’ Rick Perry launches bid for 2016 in ‘remarkable comeback’

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a great believer in second chances — and he proved it Thursday when he officially entered the race for President in 2016.

As most voters remember, his first, in 2012, didn’t end very well after he made an embarrassing falter during a debate.

But that was then; this is now. As he told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel a year ago in March, America is a great place for second chances.”

The New York Times, referring to his bid as signaling “a remarkable political comeback,” reported:

Mr. Perry made the announcement on his website and planned a speech later in the day at a small municipal airport here in Addison, a northern suburb of downtown Dallas.

In promoting his political plans, Mr. Perry has cited his 14-year tenure as governor of the nation’s second-most-populous state and a vibrant Texas economy he has called “the envy of the nation.” As he has often pointed out, Texas added 1.8 million private-sector jobs on his watch, from January 2001 to October 2014, although his critics — and some economists — say he is taking too much credit for macro-economic forces, including an oil boom, beyond his control during that time.

He has something else going for him also, which distinguishes him from every other announced candidate save one. The National Journal’s Adam Wollner picked up on it right away:

WFAA-TV’s David Goins offered this glimpse before Perry’s official announcement:

Perry’s wife Anita appeared on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday and discussed his flub on the stage three years ago before repeating Perry’s statement to Kimmel.

Austin Kellerman, news director at Fox16 News in Little Rock, tweeted:

Conventional wisdom would have it that Perry’s 2016 bid in a crowded GOP field will be just as disastrous as it was in 2012. But as Washington, D.C.-based newsletter editor Matt Yglesias observed, conventional wisdom has a way of turning around and biting you on the backside.

On Wednesday Perry’s campaign released this video, “Where I Come From.”

H/T: Twitchy

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11 thoughts on “‘America’s a great place for second chances!’ Rick Perry launches bid for 2016 in ‘remarkable comeback’

  1. Marilyn Taylor says:

    Let’s hear from the Texas contingent. You live there, you know Rick Perry, tell us what you know. I have always liked him, but I am from Florida. You Texans have seen him in action as governor for years.

    1. Doug says:

      He graduated from Texas A&M. Need I say more. Probably majored in calf roping.

      1. Marilyn Taylor says:

        My kind of guy. Florida was mainly ranching & farming when I was growing up. Then we were overrun by Yankees & disney & illegals & it went to he!! I am not an “education snob”. Education is great, but it doesn’t mean you have common sense.. Look at all the overeducated idiots we have running the government now.

        1. Doug says:

          If you like A&M you are certainly not an education snob.

          1. Marilyn Taylor says:

            LOL. Not saying I like it. Don’t know anything about it. I do like and respect common sense, and jackasses have more common sense than what we have running our country now, with a very few exceptions. Actually, jackasses are very intelligent, which is more than I can say about most of the Washington crowd. That is why I wanted some Texan’s input about Rick Perry.

          2. Doug says:

            Somebody should help you there’s no shortage of opinionated Texans on this site.

  2. chuck says:

    embarrassing falter during a debate.The man is DUMB

    1. KeepNItReal says:

      Don’t forget, under indictment as well! You know how those TPers detest “over-reaching” powers until it suits them.

      1. chuck says:

        could not have said it better myself. GREAT

    2. Marilyn Taylor says:

      Are you from Texas? If not, I do not need your input. Plus, you never gave a list of supposed lies that Carly Fiorina told. So spout off to someone else, preferably on the CNN or MSLSD blogs. I am sure they will appreciate your brain cell.

  3. Doug says:

    Very wise political move. Jimmy Kimmel is the first place a serious politician goes.

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