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Young boys’ touching rescue of American flag throws them into limelight

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Two young boys suddenly found themselves Internet sensations after they rescued an American flag from a ditch on Memorial Day.

The touching photo was snapped by a stranger, who just happened to witness the preteen boys climbing out of the ditch with Old Glory.

Eleven-year-old Ayden Lango and 12-year-old Parker Diemel told Fox News they had no idea they were being photographed. They simply felt that they had to do the right thing.

“I’ve just always known that America is the greatest country ever and we have to respect its symbols and its flag,” Ayden explained.

Parker knew instinctively that disrespecting the flag is an insult to the men and woman who have fought for America.

“I was kind of like, ‘Why is that in the ditch?'” Parker said. “It’s kind of dishonoring the veterans that served America.”

After retrieving the flag, the boys were saluted by a group of nearby veterans who appreciated the spontaneous act of patriotism. The photo quickly went viral on social media, and the pair have since received many thankful comments from soldiers, veterans, and ordinary citizens.

It’s refreshing to see that some young Americans still instinctively understand what it means to be a patriot.

Michael Schaus


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