MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s wife officially running for Congress – but he’ll be ‘objective’

MSNBC blowhard Chris Matthews is going to be even more biased than usual when it comes to one congressional race this year.

His wife is going to be one of the candidates.

Kathleen Matthews, a former Marriott executive and D.C.-area news anchor, announced Wednesday she is joining the race to succeed Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen in the state’s 8th Congressional District while Van Hollen makes a bid for the United States Senate.

Roll Call reported that Matthews made her announcement Wednesday morning, outside a metro station in Silver Spring.

“I have spent a lifetime shattering the glass ceiling,” she told the small crowd, “advocating for women and children in all of my career work as well as being a strong fighter for human dignity, opportunity, as well as equality.”

Her relationship with one of MSNBC’s most high-profile hosts has caused some concern that the cable news network would become an unofficial extension of her campaign.

Chris Matthews, who hosts the MSNBC program “Hardball,” told his viewers in March that he would maintain his objectivity if his wife decided to run.

“[I will] continue to fully disclose my relationship, which I never denied, with her as part of our commitment here at MSNBC to be transparent and fair in our coverage,” he said.

Yes, MSNBC seems to believe it is “transparent and fair.”

But it is nice to know Chris has never denied his own wife.

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Michael Schaus


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