Liberal losers haven’t learned – mess with Dana Loesch and you’ll get burned

Dana Loesch, the television and radio talk show host and outspoken champion for the Second Amendment, got her message across loud and clear Tuesday when a liberal gun-grabbing group tried to hijack her image for the gun-grabbing cause:

If you’re going to pick a fight, be ready to tangle.

The dust-up started when Loesch posted an image on Twitter in to “celebrate” National Gun Violence Awareness Day, when gun-grabbers at Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense sported the color orange as a symbol of their cause.

Since Loesch’s posting was definitely not what the Moms had in mind, the group’s social media director felt free to grab Loesch’s tweet and adapt it for her group’s cause. This screenshot of a now-deleted tweet shows how:


Loesch came back with both barrels blazing.

Instead of manning up and apologizing to Loesch for using her image in a way she clearly didn’t support — or even lawyering up and telling Loesch to go stuff herself under a First Amendment argument — Moms Demand Action’s Lisa Reed deleted the tweet, according to, protected her account, and altered her biography.

But Loesch wasn’t done yet.

Loesch’s legion of fans cheered her on.

Oh, maybe it wasn’t cowardice at all.

Maybe it was something totally beyond her control.

That’s gotta be it.



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