Crazy video: Driver blows up car into inferno when cops approach him

Dramatic dash cam footage captured the moment a car explosion sent police flying and had a wacko flailing.

Police said they were called to a gas station in Austin, Texas, to talk to the man who claimed he was going to commit suicide by lighting himself on fire in his car.

The video shows officers approach the unidentified man, who retreated into his car and started a fire that caused the explosion.

“They did not know the seriousness of the situation but the 911 call that came in by the suspect basically stated he planned to commit suicide by igniting his vehicle with himself inside,” Austin Police Cmdr. Nick Wright told KTBC Fox 7.

WARNING: Graphic Footage.

Luckily the officers only received minor burns in the blast.

“I’m surprised that their injuries are so minimal as compared to what I presumed they should have been,” Wright said.

Police said the man used a cigarette lighter to ignite gas fumes when he got inside the vehicle, KTBC reported.

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“My initial impression is based on the fact he was at a gas station, it was probably gasoline, we got some samples we took from inside the car and will send out to the state arson lab to see what exactly burned up inside there,” Austin Police Capt. Andy Reardon said.

The man tried to get back in his car while it was ablaze but quickly jumped out and began thrashing about until he collapsed.

He was sent to a local burn unit.

Police plan to file arson charges against him.


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