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CNN’s Lemon sours at Jenner argument: Will black people ‘start bleaching our skin because we don’t like being black?’

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While many on the left, including President Obama, celebrated Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner‘s public declaration that he is really a she, some saw the whole affair as being a little too commercial.

And even managed to bring race into the discussion.

Zoey Tur, recognized as one of the first transgender news correspondents in America, took part in a CNN panel Tuesday and denounced Jenner’s coming out, saying it looks like the “rollout of a product.”

Fellow panelist Crystal Wright, a black conservative woman agreed and questioned Jenner’s motivation.

“Bruce Jenner is doing this from Bruce Jenner… I don’t think it’s good for the transgender community,” she said.

Wright pressed on, bringing up race.

“What’s next?” she asked. “Black people, we’re going to all of a sudden start bleaching our skin because we don’t like being black?”

(Michael Jackson notwithstanding.)

Obama praises courage of Bruce Jenner; Americans introduce him to Chris Kyle

The discussion got heated, with host Don Lemon arguing it’s not the same thing.

“Real courage is not trying to make money, millions of dollars off of coming out,” Wright added.

And “millions of dollars” might be no exaggeration. A Radaronline.com report in May stated that Jenner is looking at a $5 million payday for a reality show based on his experiences.

Tur, a former helicopter pilot, fired back later in the segment, calling Wright an “obviously a narcissist” for tying Jenner’s gender transition to “publicity-seeking behavior.”

Good times.

Tom Tillison


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