Bush more popular than Obama for the first time; Americans react . . .

This is going to make liberals go insane. A new poll shows former President George W. Bush is more popular than President Obama. According to the CNN/ORC […]

Jaw-dropping video: Dad pumping gas with young daughter shoots armed robber

Shocking video out of Brazil shows the moment an armed robber got more than he bargained for. Surveillance video from a gas station in Minas Gerais, Brazil, […]

McHugh Jenner
Former Johns Hopkins chief of psychiatry: Being transgender is a ‘mental disorder . . . biologically impossible’

The former psychiatrist in chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital is pouring rain on the Bruce Jenner “Call Me Caitlyn” parade that’s sure to have the former Olympic […]

‘Tone deaf’ Hillary boots kids off playground . . . And your little dog Toto, too!

It doesn’t take a village – it takes a villain to kick out a children’s event. And crimp a blood drive, too. The already gaffe-prone Hillary Clinton […]

Wait, what did he just say? Live news and a hilarious slip

A hilarious video of a weatherman giving a woman an awkward compliment is cracking up the Internet. During a teaser for an upcoming segment, an anchor said […]

Teacher takes middle-schoolers to Smitten Kitten sex toy store for field trip; parents fume!

Parents are outraged after a teacher took their children to an adult toy store as a class field trip. Starri Hedges, who teaches at Gaia Democratic School, […]

‘Know Jesus:’ Dad scolds parents who shame kids on social media in controversial viral message

Wayman Gresham is a Florida dad who posted a message on Facebook about parents who shame their children on social media. The video has been seen well […]

MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s wife officially running for Congress – but he’ll be ‘objective’

MSNBC blowhard Chris Matthews is going to be even more biased than usual when it comes to one congressional race this year. His wife is going to […]

o'reilly factor
O’Reilly’s Psych 101: Libs angry over Obama, Hillary’s failures taking it out on conservatives

Liberals who can’t come to grips with the idea that President Obama has been a failure as the nation’s chief executive are taking their frustrations out on […]

Ex-CAIR director nabbed in Fla. child-sex trafficking sting

Ahmad Saleem, driving a car with an “Invest in Children” specialty license plate, pulled up to a house in Clermont, Fla., planning to meet and have sex […]

Clint Eastwood selects another compelling hero story for next film project

While topping his last film will be one helluva feat, Clint Eastwood has picked a compelling story to give it a go. Coming off the success of […]

Cops accused of being racist AND Islamaphobic for shooting guy who plotted to BEHEAD them

The terrorism suspect shot to death Tuesday in Boston after lunging at a cop and a federal agent with a “military style knife” was plotting with another […]