Poor Neil Cavuto can’t hide his feelings about Bruce Jenner’s ‘womanhood,’ but ‘tolerant’ libs won’t take a joke

Fox News host Neil Cavuto said what a lot of Americans were thinking about the transition of Bruce Jenner.

“What the hell is going on!?” he shouted as he introduced a story by reporter Dagen McDowell on the former Olympian’s transition into a “transgender woman.”

Cavuto was clearly not interested in devoting much time to the news, saying “Wow, look at the time,” after McDowell’s report.

He then jokingly introduced Fox Business’ Charles Payne, his next guest, as “Charlene Payne.”

What do you make of all that?” Cavuto asked him.

“It’s the era that we’re living in,” Payne said.

To which Cavuto replied succinctly: “Rome, final days.”

Of course, liberals in the Twitterverse went nuts, calling the Fox News host “transphobic,” among other things.


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Carmine Sabia


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