Polite traffic stop turns ugly fast as shrieking race-baiters berate cops, cry ‘NAACP’

Recently posted video of a New Jersey traffic stop gives a vivid glimpse into the reality of policing in a racially tense America.

In the Liveleak video post, which describes the incident as taking place May 31 in the resort town of Wildwood, a police officer who pulled the vehicle over after an incident at a stop light noticed that no one inside was wearing a seatbelt. When he asked for identification, a barrage of race-baiting accusations erupted from the vehicle.

Despite trying to deescalate the situation, the cop quickly found himself in need of backup as the individuals in the car began to disobey orders. The situation devolved into chaos as police started making arrests. One woman began screaming about the NAACP, while others shouted over each other at the officer.

As if policing wasn’t tough enough, the current anti-police climate emanating from places like Baltimore are making the job even more difficult for cops around the country. Situations like this are, unfortunately, at risk of becoming more common.

Undoubtedly there are police on the streets who abuse their power, but calling a cop a “racist” and disobeying his orders has a tendency to make the situation worse. There is a time and a place to address legitimate concerns about police practices. The side of the street, during a traffic stop, isn’t one of them.

Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested

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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


321 thoughts on “Polite traffic stop turns ugly fast as shrieking race-baiters berate cops, cry ‘NAACP’

  1. King Umbarrii says:

    Should have call paramedics. CYA. Why did the girl not have a rescue inhailer.i AM WHITE and I would be offended if they ask my passenger for ID.When my wife drives all I usually have is clothes no change no ID.

  2. guest2 says:

    Notice the only one NOT acting like an insane low life, classless animal is the WHITE CHICK in the back seat?? Just an observation.

    1. Herald Baldcock III says:

      Apparently she’s too stupid to know better. After all she’s riding with this bunch. Coal diggin in the back seat i’m sure. ought to arrest her for riding dirty.

  3. Candice Johnson McKim says:

    The mom screaming my daughter has asthma just pisses me off. She was smoking a cigarette and screaming her lungs out. Puh-leeze!

  4. Herald Baldcock III says:

    Darnit! I was hoping for some tazer action..

  5. standtallall says:

    I have been involved with situations in which I thought the police were either over reacting or out and out wrong…In this case, it sounded as if they had pulled off something previously threatening NAACP and previous court experience. This was total over reaction by people in car and cop tried to keep things under control, but no one believed that they were supposed to stay calm and remain in car.

  6. Grey Winters says:

    A disgrace to the human race.

  7. Chris Reynolds says:

    “I got school in the morning”

    Not anymore. Now you got court.

  8. Kathy Jo Wilson says:

    I will admit honestly, I saw no initial reason for them to be pulled over. When she first asks, and I listened 3 times, it certainly sounded to me like he said it was for going threw the red light. Which she DID NOT DO! at least that is what it sounded like, and if you look back, she came to a rolling stop when the light turned green and then she went threw, she was not even half way threw the intersection when the officers lights came on. It was not until several moments had went by he finally said they did not have their seat belts on. Which granted is reason for a ticket. But that is not something he saw or even could see from where he was, he was never along side them while driving. That being said whether they were profiled or not, the situation did not need to be that volatile. I may give if I was told, I was pulled over for going threw a red light I know I did not go threw I would have been pissed as well. It’s not small ticket and it is points on your license, BUT I would have taken the ticket demanded that I be given a copy of his dash cam video, and made sure when I faced a judge they saw the truth. By acting out and exploding emotionally serves no one any good at all. When faced with situations like this, people need to be freaken smart and think. Not going on a rant.

  9. Thomas Henricksen says:

    ignorance is not always bliss

  10. VikingWolff says:

    I could NEVER be a cop. I’d have whacked that stupid woman with the back of my hand a dozen times withing the first 5 minutes. Be glad I never sought to be a police officer.

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