Marc Lamont Hill finds racism in reaction to Bruce Jenner’s ‘womanhood!’

Social media exploded Monday with the release of Vanity Fair’s cover featuring “Caitlyn” Jenner, but not everyone was supportive.

That’s because thinking “Caitlyn” Jenner is pretty is racist.

That’s according to Moorehouse College professor and CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill, who complained that the widespread support for Jenner’s decision to go public with a female sexual identity in Vanity Fair only showed how racist the American standard of beauty really is.

Even when it’s liberals doing the judging.

In a series of tweets, Hill argued that acceptance and praise for Jenner is only widespread because she conforms to white “Eurocentric” standards of beauty as they are accepted by “cisgender” people — or “cis” as he abbreviated it.

(“Cisgender,” for those who don’t follow such things, is the PC term for people who identify as the sex they’re born with. The rest of us call that “normal.”)

Unsurprisingly, many people seemed upset that Hill had decided to use Jenner’s cover spread for a conversation about racism and white privilege, instead of transgender acceptance.

Hill tried to walk some of his comments back by pointing out that he wasn’t upset with Jenner.

Apparently social media users can’t even support progressive causes without offending other liberals.

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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


12 thoughts on “Marc Lamont Hill finds racism in reaction to Bruce Jenner’s ‘womanhood!’

  1. Navin Johnson says:

    Hill argued that acceptance and praise for Jenner is only widespread because she conforms to white “Eurocentric” standards of beauty

    Lamont, you Dummy! When’s the last time you had your eyes checked?

    Now put that crack pipe down and go straight to the eye doctor…

  2. Lon Pirkl says:

    Some people see racism in everything. What the hell is the “Eurocentric” look? Maybe because he didn’t turn him self into a black female makes it racist? When I look at him/her I see nothing.

  3. Utahlady says:

    I love it when all the weirdo libs fight among themselves.

  4. DenverRegis says:

    Marc Lamont is an idiot. Whether he is black, white, red, man, woman, child, he is an idiot.

  5. missingronnie says:

    progressive mis/over use of words is making them loose their power,pretty soon(not soon enough)they won’t have any effect on the idiots affected by them now.When everything is “racist” then what exactly does “racist” mean? Like the unending backwards crap that comes out of Obummer’s mouth-it’s not race but his communist/islamic agenda.If disagreeing with his agenda now makes me a “racist” then so be it!!

  6. Dawn says:

    Remember Chaz Bono?…Everyone forgot about him…Soon, everyone will forget about Caitlyn…

    1. Janine Lea says:

      We can only hope.

    2. Pamela K. Cahoon Laub says:

      Chastity was a cute little girl. Chaz – shudder.

  7. stedman holder says:

    Home boy on the down low, sportin wood.

  8. Ray Caruso says:

    Why does Marc Lamont Hill bitterly cling to a blatantly
    cis/Eurocentric name when he could draw on the rich mosaic that is
    African culture and select a moniker more compatible with his noble
    ancestry? And does he why bitterly cling to uncomfortable
    cis/Eurocentric clothing instead of wearing the flowing robes of a proud
    African? Finally, why does he rely on cis/Eurocentric technology, such
    as Twitter and electricity, instead of an Earth-friendly/Afrocentric
    alternative such as the talking drums? Marc Lamont Hill displays a
    servile subjection to cis/Eurocentric culture when he could do so much
    more to promote diversity and the welfare of people of color. Marc
    Lamont Hill should be embarrassed and he should apologize to Africans

    By the way, Brucette is emetic.

  9. mindy1 says:

    He likes cop killers, ignore him.

  10. Pamela K. Cahoon Laub says:

    The beauty of “Caitlyn”/Bruce Jenner is due to a makeup artist and a person skilled with an airbrush. Suddenly in this picture the jowls and crepey neck of recent Jenner pictures have miraculously disappeared. No, airbrushing created this illusion. The professors rant shows how crazy and racially biased he is.

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