Lynch mob! Call Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ or ‘DIE and burn in hell’ – welcome to Obama’s America

Death threats for dissent?

The deeply disturbing spectacle of a former Olympic champion athlete playing dress-up on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine has libs ecstatic from the White House to Fire Island and the Castro District – and howling for the death — literally — of those who refused to join in the celebration.

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell didn’t join.

He became the first high-profile (well, medium profile) victim of the Bruce-Jenner-is-now-Caitlyn-Jenner crowd on Monday with a Twitter posting suggesting he is going to do what almost every American old enough to remember the 1976 Olympics is going to do.


That’s because “Bruce Jenner” is the Olympian who won the decathlon. “Bruce Jenner” is the guy who was on the Wheaties box.

Whoever that person is on Vanity Fair’s cover — apparently someone who’s lived the insane-asylum life of the Kardashians in America for the past quarter century and found out insanity is catching — it wasn’t the hero of the 1970s.

But Bell picked the wrong time to reminisce about the days of “CHiPs” and Jimmy Carter — and the attacks poured in.

And they were deeply personal.


(That’s terrific zoë. Your parents must be bursting with pride.)

Bell tried to bluff his way through it. drakebell0602new

They didn’t chill, though. And Bell eventually deleted the tweets. (Probably with an eye toward future acting possibilities, but probably way too late.) But the assaults continued. And they’re ugly.

(Does anyone else think that sounds vaguely like rape?)

But there are still some voices of reason.

Careful, Bruno.

This is serious business. Even if for people who’ve never heard of Drake Bell, this is important.

Heck, this is important for people who’ve never heard of Bruce Jenner.

This is the howling mob of political rectitude, with the president of the United States at the lead. And dissent is not to be tolerated — not even dissent based on the combined strengths of memory, history and anatomical reality.

First, they came for the Drake Bells ….


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