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Krauthammer openly mocks Obama after ridiculous claim about respect; ‘you wonder what planet . . .’

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Fox News contributor and conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer on Monday took apart President Obama’s claim that his administration has helped to make the United States “the most respected country on Earth.”

Obama made the statement Monday afternoon at a meeting of Asian youth leaders at the White House. To Krauthammer, it was almost laughable.

“You wonder what world, what planet he’s living on.” Krauthammer told Bill O’Reilly.

Krauthammer pointed out that it’s not just the country’s enemies who have lost respect for America, but allies as well.

“You think the Ukrainians respect us? Or the Pols? The Lithuanians?” he asked. “How about the Saudis? How about the Bahrainis?”

Krauthammer pointed out that the king of Bahrain had no reservations about skipping an important meeting at Camp David.

“Where was the king? At a horse show in England. Now, if that’s a sign of respect, we’ve got problems.”

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During Obama’s watch, the Middle East has seen an explosion of violence and unrest. While ISIS continues to march across Iraq and Syria, and Iran continues to expand its influence throughout the region, the United States has largely refused to take strong action in defense of its allies.

Krauthammer pointed to the President’s abandonment of Egypt as a prime example of America’s foreign policy failure. “For the first time in 40 years, [Egypt’s President] went to Moscow, looking for assistance and for weapons.”

The United States had previously enjoyed a “monopoly in that area” according to Krauthammer. Under Obama’s leadership, however, traditional allies are looking to Russia, China, and even Iran for assistance.

Obama might actually believe America is more respected than it has been in the past, but the nations that have been largely abandoned by the United States are likely echoing Krauthammer’s rhetorical question.

What planet is Obama living on?

Michael Schaus


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