Grandma knows how to throw a punch! Carjacker has a very bad day

A doped up would-be carjacker found out that hard way that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

According to police, 69-year-old grandmother Frances Mach pulled her car into the driveway of her daughter’s home in Saratoga Springs, Utah, Saturday when 38-year-old Christopher Bigler jumped into the car, slapped her and told her to drive, KUTV reported.

But Mach was having none of it and gave Bigler a wallop he won’t soon forget.

“I just balled up my fist and I nailed his head about three or four times and told him to get out of my car,” she told KUTV.

Startled, Bigler ran out of Mach’s car and into her daughter’s home where he locked himself in and set the place on fire, police said.

Mach called police, who arrived at the home and were able to put the fire out and arrest Bigler, who they believe was on methamphetamine.

Other than a minor shoulder ache Mach, was unharmed. However, her daughter’s house remains significantly damaged and, as of Sunday, the family was still not allowed back inside.

As for Bigler, he was treated for smoke inhalation and burns at a local hospital, according to KUTV.

And according to Saratoga Springs public information officer, Owen Jackson the alleged carjacker will likely be booked on charges of attempted assault, arson and breaking and entering, the Daily Herald reported.

He’s also nursing a sore face.

“He couldn’t believe it, I’ll tell you what, because I fought back. He looked about half scared,” Mach told KUTV. “They told me his face was already starting to swell, so I must have landed him pretty good.”


72-yr-old grandmother fires .357 Magnum at would-be burglar.

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