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Filmmaker exposes Sharia support in US streets; ‘I’m a Muslim, I prefer Sharia’

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Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, known for exposing radical Islam and its sympathizers here in the United States, unveiled some shocking revelations when he took to the streets of Minneapolis and started asking questions.

Horowitz’s latest project titled, “America or Somalia,” was conducted in the Cedar-Riverside area. It’s a place known for both the state’s university, as well as the export of American fighters who have reportedly joined ISIS and Al Shabaab.

Wanting to know what “was going on” in that area, Horowitz conducted a series of seemingly random interviews asking Muslims about life in America.

Their answers, according to the edited tape, were telling.

“Sharia law, it says if you steal something, they cut off you hand,” said one boy after being asked if he preferred Sharia or American law.

“So, basically they can leave their stores’ doors wide open. Nobody’s going to steal anything.”

The boy echoed the same sentiment of several interviewees.

“I’m a Muslim. I prefer Sharia law,” another man said.

One young man said, not only does he “of course” prefer Sharia law over American law, but all of his friends would agree.

Several Muslims shown in the video said they would support a law prohibiting anyone from insulting the Prophet Muhammad, and condone violence, including death, against those who do.


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