Eaten by lion though car window, 22-year-old woman snapped pics right up to grisly death

An American tourist fatally mauled by a lion in a South African safari park on Monday ignored posted warnings and took pictures of the animal through an open car window right up to the moment she was killed!

“The dead lady’s camera was taken by police as evidence, as she was photographing the lioness through an open window up until the moment the lion attacked the vehicle,” operations manager at Lion Park, Scott Simpson, told the Daily Mail.

The incident took place at the Lion Park conservation enclosure outside Johannesburg.

Witnesses to the attack also turned over their cameras to police, but will likely never forget the images of the 22-year-old woman being savaged by the wild animal.

yellow tape around car

Police taped off area where woman was attacked in her SUV. Photo source: Daily Mail.

Onlookers who could do little to help said the victim’s car had its windows down the whole time while inside the park, according to the Daily Mail.

pic 1

Photo source: Daily Mail.

“They saw the guests taking pictures of the lion from a meter away, then the lion lunged at the car and bit the lady through the window,” Simpson said.

The victim’s tour guide tried unsuccessfully to rescue her from the lion’s grip and is being treated for serious injuries to his arm.


Photo source: Daily Mail.

The U.S. embassy confirmed the victim to be an American citizen and is withholding her identity as family members are notified.

The woman’s death was the third big cat attack in four months for Lion Park, which touts “super close-up views” of the animals, according the Daily Mail.


Photo Source: Daily Mail.

“We had signage up everywhere informing people to keep their windows closed,” Simpson said.

“We hand out fliers as they are driving in reminding them to keep their windows closed. We really do everything we can to make sure that people know that.

“I really don’t understand why people think it’s OK to leave windows open,” he said.


Watch lion open car door as terrified family FREAKS OUT – you would too!

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181 thoughts on “Eaten by lion though car window, 22-year-old woman snapped pics right up to grisly death

  1. CoonOkie says:

    If you go to a park like this and want to take a good picture. Then CLEAN the windows BEFORE you go into the park. That way you and the rest of the passengers are safe. The woman was warned before going inside the park and still didn’t heed the warning. That is nothing more than stupidity on her part. I am sorry for the family’s loss but she was being very stupid. There is a game reserve close to where I live and they tell you to NOT stop and get out when you see the American Bison, they are temper mental, and that they are provoked easily and will attack. I know that I don’t want an animal that is a around a ton running toward me with deadly intent.

    1. Mary Brown says:

      Bison have destroyed cars by charging them. Friend drove a little Toyota into one of those and they had to tow his car out.

      1. CoonOkie says:

        How did your friend do? No injuries? Bison are very temper mental.

        1. Mary Brown says:

          Bruised and battered, they stayed in the car

  2. Mary Brown says:


  3. Isabella1709 says:

    Nearly every one of the ads on this page are preposterous and or vulgar! BizPac Review, use another group to get out your news.

    1. Mike Hambuchen says:

      Yeah, that jowl on Obama cost me my lunch.

  4. Doug says:

    When questioned later the lion stated that she usually prefers a light rose’ with American women.

    1. Bill Nix says:

      You’re bad.

    2. Jeff Simon says:

      Fava beans and a light chianti if she gets down to the liver.

  5. Misanthrope says:

    I feel awful for her family; but, sometimes, you just have to step aside and let Darwin do his job.

    1. Doug says:

      It’s not evolution. Don’t you know that’s bogus. It’s entirely God’s Will.

      1. Misanthrope says:

        Darwin would call it “natural selection.” He strongly disapproved of using “evolution” to describe his theory. Nor was he an atheist.
        And if your knowledge of natural selection is on par with the knowledge you display in other posts, you are completely unqualified to pronounce upon it.

  6. LittleRoot_48 says:

    No sympathy for this lady. She is proof that you can’t fix stupid.

  7. libertyluvur says:

    I feel sorry for her family but DAMN….what didn’t she get about keeping the window up! They’re wild animals and you’re dinner as far as they’re concerned.

  8. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

    Trusting people to do the right thing was their big mistake. How about enclosed trams. It’s gotta be a lot cheaper than the lawsuits.

  9. Yorkiemom says:

    What part of “Keep windows shut at all times” did that moron not understand? Does she not know that those are WILD animals and, thus, their behavior is unpredictable. ANYTHING that moves is, in their minds, food. I cannot sympathize with someone who willfully ignored simply worded signs to help prevent an attack such as she experienced and lost her life over. That was stupid on her part. Also, that particular pride was in the midst of mating and was probably even more unpredictable than normal.

  10. williamdiamon says:

    Perhaps they can introduce a “catch and release” concept to the lions.

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