WATCH: Thief stuffs assault rifle down his pants – how did he think this would end?

A Florida man found out the hard way that slipping a rifle into your pants without someone noticing is pretty hard.

And running with a stolen rifle down there is just about impossible.

The two-part lesson took place last week when Marlon Alvarez, 19, of Fort Lauderdale, walked into Public Pawn and Gun in neighboring Davie and stuffed a rifle down his pant leg. Apparently eying something more to his liking, surveillance footage showed him pulling the rifle out and stuffing another one down his pants before limping out of the store.

When the shop owner noticed and confronted Alvarez, the thief attempted to flee. That’s when he discovered it’s pretty tough to run with a rifle stuffed down your pants.

The pawn shop owner managed to tackle Alvarez, retrieve the gun and hold the until police could arrive.

Alvarez was charged with grand theft and made his first court appearance Wednesday. The surveillance video made an appearance Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

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