Sarah Palin gets a rise out of Dem presidential hopeful O’Malley

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley can certainly dish it out — but it seems he can’t take it.

Shortly after O’Malley announced his presidential bid Saturday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin described the event as “Yet another anti-freedom politician jumps in the race today for POTUS” on her Facebook page.

But she didn’t stop there.

Yet another anti-freedom politician jumps in the race today for POTUS. As cool as he is with his rock ‘n roll persona, this typical liberal’s erroneous grasp of our Bill of Rights merely continues the strange and disastrous agenda of Barack Obama. Good to know he doesn’t have much chance of winning. The democrats have greased the skids for their chosen one, despite the media games that play the public with various “competing” campaigns used for gamey distractions.

With today’s more-of-the-same distract-sphere – with the politician sounding exactly like all the others – don’t you wonder if there are ANY good old fashioned Blue Dog democrats who can represent the left’s party in the 2016 race? I feel kind of bad for democrats who are as embarrassed about their party leaving them as some of us Republicans are about our own party when we hear the GOP talk a good game but dishonorably capitulate when given the majority power to stop Obama’s nonsense.

You would think that would have been the end of it, after all politicians are criticized all the time and O’Malley has been in the game long enough to have suffered the “slings and arrows” of his critics.

But apparently the former Republican Alaska governor struck a nerve with thin-skinned O’Malley, and instead of concentrating on his campaign, he used Twitter to go after Palin tooth and nail in a tweet that dripped with sarcasm.

Although the tweet earned lots of praise from O’Malley’s supporters, there were also these:

Sometimes it’s better to ignore your critics — this was one of them.

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