Humor her: Hillary camp EXCITED to ‘launch’ a 2-month-old campaign!

Meet the new candidate. Same as the old candidate.

Team Hillary Clinton excitedly announced the location for her official campaign launch Monday on Twitter.

Now, if this all seems familiar, that’s because Hillary already announced she was running for president in April.

Granted she did it with a video that looked more like an ad for Home Depot, but still she did announce. And she’s been campaigning ever since, with brief breaks — like a Memorial Day parade at home in Chappaqua — to make it look like she was taking some time off from campaigning.

Does she think everyone forgot that?

Why else would the lapdog media be chasing her around from staged event to staged event nationwide?

What is she going to say?

“I’m officially officially announcing I’m running for president now so any scandal that came out before this doesn’t count.”

Or, at her age, is she simply forgetting things the way the rest of us do — where she put the car keys, neighbors’ birthdays, whether she’s already announced she’s running for president — just everyday stuff to everyday Americans.

Either way the Twitterverse had a blast mocking the latest announcement of the newest upcoming announcement.


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Carmine Sabia


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