Ex-WH aide takes off gloves: Haggard-looking Hillary’s a ‘money-hungry’ hypocrite; Bill has signs of dementia


Kathleen Willey, the former White House aide who accused President Clinton on national television of sexually assaulting her during his first term in office, now says Bill Clinton is showing “early signs of dementia” while calling Hillary Clinton a “money-hungry” hypocrite.

Willey made her withering remarks Sunday night in radio interview  on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.

Hillary is “looking awfully haggard these days,” Willey said.  “Now you’re seeing clips of [Hillary] talking to herself all the time.”

As for Bill, she said that after watching his performance with NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden, she thinks he’s showing signs of early dementia.

That was the interview where the former president, a multimillionaire many, many times over, justified accepting exorbitant speaking fees by saying, “I’ve gotta pay my bills.”

“I think he’s showing early signs of dementia or something,” Willey said.  “He’s not the old Bill Clinton that we all remember. I mean, he was all over the place.”

In April, Willey predicted that a Clinton campaign would generate a “scandal a day.”  Based on deleted emails, foreign donations to the Clinton family foundation and allegations of influence-peddling at the State Department, that prediction has more than a ring of truth.

Willey slammed the Clintons on their latest embarrassing disclosure—a report by The New York Times Friday that disclosed the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation received a $500,000 donation, nearly a quarter of the evening’s net proceeds, in exchange for Bill’s appearance at a school-building charity’s 2014 fundraising event.

“The man actually asked for $500,000 to make a 20 minute appearance at a fundraiser to help build schools,” Willey said.  “When is enough, enough?”

Willey believes the Clintons are all about money.

“They just can’t seem to make enough,” she said.

Noting that the Clintons have personally made $30 million in the last 15 months on speaking engagements, she asked “Isn’t that enough?”

Regarding Bill’s past scandals, Willey said Hillary bears some of the blame.

“She enables his behavior,” she said.  “Again and again and again and again.”

Contemplating the possibility of a new Clinton presidency, Willey said Hillary should be totally disqualified.

“She is a hypocrite.  She is money hungry,” she said.  “I don’t see how anybody can respect a woman like that, especially another woman.”

Listen to the interview below:

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