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24-hour car service for DRUNK California lawmakers part of taxpayer-paid perks

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California, already wallowing in debt, is now paying for a 24-hour car service to prevent inebriated state lawmakers from getting charged with drunk driving.

The Golden State has experienced a number of legislators — four in the last five years — who were arrested for driving under the influence. But rather than censuring tipsy politicians, the state decided to enable them.

The state Senate hired two part-time drivers at $60,000 a year, to make sure the punchy pols make it home safe and sound.

They don’t know how to ask the bartender to call them a cab?

Fox News contacted the state for an explanation.

“We’re not going to provide comment, because it’s a security issue,” spokesman Anthony Reyes said.

Plenty of others were only too happy to provide comment on social media.

And of course, in the Obamanomics age of high unemployment, there was this:

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