‘Candidates Cribs’ game shows millennials just how much ‘dead broke’ will buy Hillary in a home

Career politician and presidential contender, Hillary Clinton is desperate to portray herself as an “average Jill” in order to win favor with the majority of Americans – […]

Judge gives order to remove 10 Commandments from Capitol in Oklahoma

Where will it end? The Oklahoma State Supreme Court ordered that a privately funded monument on capitol grounds depicting the Ten Commandments be removed, citing it violates […]

Parents have no choice! California passes bill to FORCE all children to be vaccinated

California lawmakers have passed a bill to require mandatory vaccinations for almost all California school children, while denying parents the right to object based on personal or […]

Russian advice to God-less US: ‘Stop!’ Separation of secular and religious is fatal mistake

Russian religious leaders from the former atheist Soviet Union say they can confirm what many Americans already believe – the increasing antagonism toward religious faith that’s being […]

Video: Confederate flag supporter bloodied in SC brawl stays proud – Southern blood runs through my veins

Dueling Confederate battle flag protesters were recorded on video praying together in a moment of solidarity and peace Monday, but later in the evening the pro-flag demonstrator […]

Young boy sneaks into, starts up helicopter at air show, injuring two

A scary incident involving a curious youngster and a helicopter can be chalked up to “boys will boys” – if that saying is even allowed any. The […]

O’Reilly insulted by ‘the PEOPLE’S house’ lit as rainbow: What’s next, ‘liberalism is good’ banner?

Top-rated Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is disgusted by President Obama’s lighting the White House exterior with rainbow lights following the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same sex […]

First lady announces plan to squeeze in as much taxpayer-paid travel as possible before exit

The globe-trotting first lady has been a lot of places on the taxpayers’ dime – and she’s not going to be finished anytime soon. Just back from […]

Mike Rowe weighs in on Confederate flag debate with tough love

The working man’s TV host Mike Rowe weighed on the controversy surrounding the Confederate battle flag on Monday with a complex response to fan’s question that expressed […]

De Blasio pushes for smoking ban in private homes

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is continuing former Mayor MikeBloomberg’s crusade against cigarettes by taking aim at smer’s last safe haven: their homes. The mayor’s […]

Worried about July 4th attack? Officials behind scenes ‘extremely concerned’ this year

The growing threat of terror attacks taking place over the July Fourth weekend has prompted the FBI to set up command centers around the U.S., and tensions […]

Uber driver defies company gun ban; shoots alleged attacker

An Uber driver in Florida defied the company’s new policy to ban drivers from carrying concealed weapons, and he might be alive today because of his decision. […]

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