The ‘Ferguson Effect’: How Obama’s racial pimping has endangered ALL Americans

The effort to paint the nation’s police officers as uniformed crime families — led by the Obama administration, former Attorney General Eric Holder and America’s racial grievance industry– has created a “Ferguson Effect” of growing crime — and not just in the city’s where rioting has taken hold.

A Wall Street Journal column on Friday slammed the growing trend by the Obama administration and race baiters like Al Sharpton and media outlets such as CNN for seizing moments like the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Freddie Gray in Baltimore to create what writer Heather McDonald called the “Ferguson Effect.”

The consequence of the false narrative they’ve created is the end of the nation’s two decade long drop in crime.

According to the Journal, gun violence has risen 60 percent compared to where it was last year in Baltimore; homicides are up 180 percent in Milwaukee; St. Louis has seen a 39 percent increase in shootings, 43 percent in robberies and a 25 percent growth in homicides.

In New York City’s East Harlem, where progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio followed 5 terms of leadership by Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg that saw dramatic decreases in crime in the city, shootings are up a whopping 500 percent. In Los Angeles they’ve risen 100 percent.

Those numbers are shocking. By declaring police to be the problem in inner cities, authority figures like President Obama have made criminals feel empowered to commit more crimes knowing officers would look to avoid situations that could result in them going to jail just for doing their jobs.

The saddest part being that while shouting “Black Lives Matter” whenever a cops shoots a black person who is engaged in criminal activity, the Obamas, Sharptons and media race baiters of the world have stood virtually silent as the victims of this increase in crime are mainly black people.

Apparently, black lives only matter to these hucksters if they are taken by a white police officer. And even then they only matter as a means to increase their own political agendas.

The Democrats will continue to tell black people and other minorities that the greatest threat to their lives are “racist Republicans” all the while trying to hide the fact that a quick look at any major city under Democrat control will show a city that has a terrible crime situation.

But it’s never been about black lives at all. It’s been about creating a false narrative to ensure votes for the Democrat Party.

Unfortunately the narrative has worked all too well.


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