Show of class: How GOP presidential field put politics aside as brain cancer claimed Biden’s son

In a show of class rarely seen in politics today, Republican presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz offered words of condolence to Vice President Joe Biden after the passing of his son, Joseph “Beau” Biden III.

joe_biden_and_beau_bidenThe younger Biden, a veteran and a father of two, died Saturday at age 46 after battling brain cancer.

Proving there’s a time to set aside politics, the Texas senator and his wife released a statement Sunday offering their “deepest sympathies and our prayers to Joe and Jill, the entire Biden family.”

“Heidi and I were saddened by the news of the loss of Beau, a dedicated husband and father, and a man that so many admired,” Cruz said in the statement. “He tirelessly worked to serve his country.

“As the parents of two precious little girls, Heidi and I can only imagine the grief of losing a child — something no parent should have to do.”

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Cruz was not the only GOP presidential contender to extend his sympathies.

A quick scan of social media turned up remarks from others already in the race, as well as from some who are still mulling it over. Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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