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‘Man’s gotta relax’: What Obama missed while he played another round of golf PLUS nine holes more

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With Islamic State militants delivering one “strategic setback” after another in the Middle East and the news late last week that the U.S. economy not only ground to a halt in the first quarter, but actually shrank at a 0.7% annual rate, what’s America’s chief executive to do?

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Other than spending six hours on the golf course, of course.

Even as U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter was busy calling for “an immediate and lasting halt” to the Chinese government’s expansion of territorial claims in the South China Sea that threaten to destabilize the area.

His love for golf is well known, but President Obama was enjoying himself so much on Saturday that he couldn’t stop. After playing a normal round of golf  — 18 holes — the president decided to play nine more.

In all, according to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, Obama was on the course for six hours Saturday.

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The reaction on social media was scathing, as one user noted sarcastically, a “man’s gotta relax.”

Even if Rome is burning.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:

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