John Kerry injured in bike crash gets ZERO SYMPATHY: ‘Is the bike okay?’

Let’s hope this is not an omen for what we can expect from the nuclear talks being held with Iran.

Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a cycling accident in France on Sunday — he has been negotiating with Iran’s foreign minister over that country’s nuclear program, according to Fox News.

Talks that reportedly are not going well for U.S. interests.

Kerry, 71, broke his right femur, or thighbone, after his bike struck a curb, according to State Department Spokesman John Kirby. The secretary, who will return to Boston, was treated on the scene by a physician and paramedics before being flown to a hospital in Geneva.

He and is expected to make a full recovery.

“Paramedics and a physician were on the scene with the secretary’s motorcade at the time of the accident,” Kirby said.

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An avid cyclist, Kerry lugs his beloved bicycle all over the world, at your expense.

And while we want America’s top diplomat traveling in a style befitting the office, having a paramedic AND a physician in his motorcade is quite the luxury.

That the entire motorcade was trailing Kerry while he was cycling is, well… shall we say excessive?  A security detail would certainly be in order, but the cost to U.S. taxpayers for such a well attended outing is sure to be exorbitant.

While an unfortunate accident, Kerry was not eliciting much sympathy on social media.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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