Revenge killing: Christian reportedly beheads ISIS jihadist

In a complete reversal of the usual news of Christians being murdered by Islamic State members, a Syrian Christian fighter has now beheaded an IS militant, according to a monitor Friday, Yahoo news reported.

The fighter, seeking revenge for those executed by the jihadis in north-eastern Syria, is a member of the minority Assyrian community.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the incident occurred Thursday in Hasakeh province, where a large part of the countryside is held by the Islamic State group.

The Christian, who was fighting with Kurdish forces who earlier this month drove IS out of more than a dozen Assyrian villages, found the jihadist in a local village.

“He took him prisoner and when he found out he was a member of IS, the Assyrian fighter beheaded him in revenge for abuses committed by the group in the region,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said.

Based in Britain, The Observatory has covered the conflict in Syria since it broke out four years ago thanks to a network of sources inside the country.

Frieda Powers


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