‘Not my America’: Phoenix freedom rally sparks intense fighting on social media

Twitter was on fire Friday with reaction from people both attacking and defending a freedom rally led by former Marine Jon Ritzheimer outside of a Phoenix-area mosque.

A group called Take On Hate asked people to tweet “solidarity with the Phoenix mosque and drown out the haters online” using the hashtag, #NotMyAmerica.

“Freedom to protest and freedom of speech should not be used to attack people’s freedom of religion,” the group said on Facebook. “All people should be afforded the right to worship without fear and intimidation.”

But the hashtag was quickly hijacked by those demanding respect for free speech and calling for the violent Islamic doctrine to be confronted head on.

The debate raged back and forth Friday night and continued into Saturday.

Here is a sampling:


Video: Hundreds face off at intensely heated Phoenix mosque rally.

Phoenix organizer final words: ‘I’m going into hiding . . . this is tyranny, terrorism right here in America.’

Carmine Sabia


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