Foster care teen places ad on Craigslist to rent a family for her birthday

A Colorado teen raised in foster care posted a Craigslist ad that’s both heart-wrenching and sweet — she wants to “rent” a family for her birthday so that she can experience a pleasure most of us take for granted.

Natalie Carson, 19, placed the ad after spending her entire life being shuffled between foster homes before breaking out on her own, according to Denver ABC affiliate Channel 7 News.


“It’s something that I’ve never really had. Of course, I’ve had birthdays, but they haven’t been good,” she told Channel 7 News. “Usually every birthday is really painful and hard.”

Carson was adopted soon after she was placed in foster care as a baby. Her adoptive family quickly moved her to Georgia, but it didn’t work out.

“They were abusing me, and so I got placed back into foster care when I was 12,” Carson told the station.

When she aged out of the system at 18, she returned to Colorado.

“I really didn’t know anything, but I knew I was born here,” she said.

Carson takes comfort in knowing she’s not alone, that there are many others just like her.

“There’s something more, you know, than just me because there’s a million more of me,” Carson Channel 7 News.

The ad has already yielded some response, at least on social media. Here are a few examples:

“I felt like having one day where it’s OK — this is about me, and it’s my birthday,” Carson said. “I don’t have this big, elaborate plan or anything. I just wanted it to be good.”

Social media also responded. Here are some examples:

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