Flight attendant photo snowballs into huge ordeal; should she be fired?

A Spirit Airline flight attendant’s job is in jeopardy after a disgruntled passenger complained about her posing for photos in a most unusual location – inside the plane’s engine well.

A passenger who boarded a recent flight at Chicago O’Hare International Airport questioned whether newly hired flight attendant Ericka Paige Diehl was breaking any policies or laws with her strange behavior and decided to contact the local ABC7 news station , according to Fox News.

Diehl, who could lose her job over the incident, had posted the photos on her personal Facebook page. The pictures have since been removed.

Spirit Airline executives told ABC7 that “the activity portrayed in the photo absolutely goes against Spirit policy.”

“In order to ensure everyone’s safety and make our protocols clear, only those with a business need should be on the ramp or in any other restricted areas,” Airline officials told employees, according to Fox News.

Former prosecutor Fred Tecce said Diehl should not be fired for her actions.

“What this woman did was a non-event, a non-issue,” Tecce said in an appearance Friday on “Happening Now” on Fox. “It did not in any way compromise safety. It is a tradition among both pilots and flight attendants to have your picture taken…They do it all the time.”

Defense attorney Brian Silber agreed, and turned the tables on the passenger who complained about the photos.

“Let’s talk about this passenger for a second,” Sibler said. “They didn’t get off the flight. The passenger took the flight. They weren’t afraid for safety.”

Silber questioned why the passenger didn’t call the police.

“They went to a news station,” he said. “This was about the passenger and not about the lady. And I think that’s very telling here.”

Frieda Powers


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